Testimonials from Past Participants & Students   







Here are a few testimonials written by some of the students who attended the French Conversation small group classes in the past:


"You are a wonderful and very enthusiastic teacher. You are full of energy and involve all members of the class. "

- LYNN       


"Great - interactive, instructive, fun!"


"The course has been a great help in improving my use of French and in increasing my confidence. I am now more confident!"

- PAUL     


"Guess what... now, I even speak French outside of class. It is increasing my self-confidence. You're doing such a great job! It's fun, interesting & practical!"


"Thank you so much for your patience and energy with our class.

What a wonderful group of people!"

 - MARIKA                                                                                                                                   


"Since I moved from Calgary, this French class is the best thing I've had.

I love this class!"



"I didn't want to forget to tell you how much I loved my French class."



"You are great!  It's the first French class I really like!!!!!!

I have learned sooo much and have had a lot of fun."



"Thanks for everything...you are a great teacher and I really learned a lot."



"I'm back to England. Thank you so much for everything. It was fun learning French with you. Please, if you are starting any internet classes let me know.

I will be keen to continue learning with you!"


"I have wonderful news for you that I found out finally - I passed the exam!!!! I was crying I was so happy. It would not have been possible without the teaching you have given me. I simply could never have passed it. Along with that, I have more confidence as a teacher myself because of your teaching. That is invaluable. It has been such a rich experience for me to know you."



"Thank you so much for believing in me. Thank you so much for all your help and encouragement."





















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